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You guys are terrific! Keep up the great work. I can't wait to see this band again! -Sonja www.chancedance.com

Hi...It's Terri....We need to beef up John's bio. He is far more accomplished than what is written....Just checking in....this looks good!

Just checking your schedule. Know you will sound great. Have fun. Dee

Hi. This is Dean Forbes. I had the honor of sitting in and jamming with the band one night at a Seattle club. It was an experience I will probably never forget. This is a first rate blues band. I have been playing with various blues bands for nearly 40 years. The Crossroads Blues Band is world-class!

Heyas guys, The wife and I caught your show at the Highway 99 club last night in seattle the place was nice, the band really put on a show last night was fun to come out to see. All the music was well done and the band played great I'd recommend everyone to come see them! Thanks Sincerly Wayne Wilkerson

Nice site, guys! Keep the torch going. I've heard about Steve from John, and heard him on record. Would love to do a gig with you all sometime on my way back or forth to Alaska next summer. gary "Alaska" Sloan 8/18/04 http://deltaboogie.com/garysloan

WOW !!!.... what an awsome line up, thanks for the music. People you have to see this band. I don't care how you get there, drive, ride,hitch hike,... just get there. Dan-o (beerchurch) P.S. looking forward to seeing you all in Kirkland.

We have been following John Lee's music career for more than 30 years....but can't wait to get down your way soon...to get back in the groove and follow some more...... AL & Ginny Monsma Fairbanks, Alaska

I only have one thing to say...John Lee is the best bass player in the band! Who loves ya, Baby?! Mike Lynch

We are interested in learning what happened to Crossroads. Haven't seen them anywhere.

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Hey Boys! Nice site. Great line-up of blues guys! See ya on the band stand. T-Boy.

WOW!! I was able to catch the Crossroads Blues Band at the Highway 99 Blues Club and this is a band that is a must see. Actually you feel their music in your very soul. Magnificent talent in all the band members. The experience is one I will be looking forward to having again. I would highly recommend catching this band. They know how to make the insruments talk to you and the vibrations just take over to make for a Perfect Blues Night Out. I rate this band a Class Act. Put your hands together and get out to catch their show. You won't have to wonder if you'll like them. I gaurantee the Blues bug will get you with this one. Juanita

I went to school with John Lee and Dean Forbes (see previous guestbook entry)more than forty years ago in Anchorage. Heard them both play great Blues back then and I looking forward to hearing them again sometime soon. Maybe John will sit in with the Roadhaus Volunteers, my Country and Northern Blues Jamband the next time he makes it up this way.

Hey guys, what's up? It's me Amy from South Dakota, previously Vicksburg, Mi. Just checking in making sure the music is still flowing as smooth as ever! I miss seeing you, I'd say hearing you, but I listen to you every day. My kids even know your songs. Love ya! e-mail me at amlenfu@aol.com let me know how it's going! I look forward to hearing from you!!!!!!! Peace out boys!

Cool poster, dudes! I don't care what anybody says, John lee is the best bass player in this band! The Polkaboy www.harmonicaplayboy.com

Hi John Lee. I just downloaded a copy of your poster, bio, and pictures for your mother, Jane Lee. I think she will be thrilled. (We should teach her how to use a computer!) The web site looks grand. See you in May. Your mother's NY Yankee's friend in Anchorage.

Hi guys, I just discovered a hidden spamming in my own website. The symptom of a problem was that a new post was not appearing. Please let me know if any of your visitors tell you they see this problem here and I'll fix it. Love you guys! ~Sonja

Hey Guys! Well, what can the lady in red say....Your music is in my soul. Congradulations on your win! My energy was there with you all. And I am so honored everytime I have the privilege to witness you guys in action! ~ runs over and puts in Crossroads CD in to jam to ~ I am so excited and happy for you all, together you guys are the blues. The Lady in Red

Congratulations to all of you in the Crossroads band. Wish I was there to hear it at your celebration. I happen to think Dennis is great on the sax. Dee

John R: You Rock dude. See ya at work!! Larry T

Congrats on your win of 2005! John, keep on drummin' and rockin! Judy - freebird5500@yahoo.com

Congratulations Crossroads band on you 2005 win! You deserve it take care Carol

HI Guys, Just wanted to say "Hi" to all and can't wait to see and hear all of you in September again at the Salon. Great web page:) Pamela:)

One more thing guys, would love to see a pic of John R. in action, on the drums that is:) Pamela:)

Hi Guys!

Hi Guys, Well we finally got this darned thing set up. Now you have our email......xxxo Terri and John (BTW, where are more pics of Johnny Boy?....My Johnny, "The Rock."

You guys rocked the Spar on Sunday! What a great time! Looking forward to seeing you at the Old Town Blues Festival :)

Had a Great time at the Sit n Sip last month, your CD is at the top in my Blue's collection. Catch ya again at another Gig soon!!!

Hey John this Samuel. I think youre the coolest step dad EVER!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

You guy's got my favorite drummer however you deserve him . But it don't mean I ain't gonna steal him back from you some day   Jerry from the www.shwingers.com Blues Band .
just giving my friend a shout out from new Orleans, john lee.how ya
be... ya heard me..
much love baby .Eddie Morgan,,from the by water....that's the top of
the 9th. ward.ya you right. bass man.you been making a good time.no go
hungy what you cooking.

Hey my brothers it’s me Mark up in Sitka (yeah Dennis that A**hole). 
Just wanted you and all your fans to know how much Bec and I really dug
the new CD. It kicks some serious blues ass. You boy’s keep it up and we’ll
catch ya’ll at the Flitter, or the Moondog. And hey you blues fans if you haven’t
got this CD yet, “get a hold of it babies you don’t know what you missin”.
Mark O

 Hi! I've just heard you on Adam Gussow's movies on YouTube. 
You play really amazing music, so keep up the good work! 
Przemek from Poland.

To the band, I just wanted to tell you guys what a blast I had sitting in with you. Every musician in this band are top-notch players and your arrangements are to-die for. I would have been happy sittin in on one song but you guys had me up for almost an entire set. You really know how to treat a fellow musician right. Thanks for letting me get my rocks off and we will see you out on the circuit.

Chris Kliemann  ( Tim Casey and the Blues Cats )